Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Toub (Executive Director)

We at the First Paramedic Center are always working to be distinguished and developed in our field, which qualifies us to be at the forefront of the various emergency centers in terms of medical care, modern medical devices and equipment, and the speed of transferring patients as required. We also look at our visitors from a different perspective, As we consider our visitors and service seekers to be our main partners in order to continuously develop our services, Putting before us the goal of providing various ambulatory services in the best way according to modern scientific standards, With the participation of the best and most qualified experts, whether academics or fields, We also maintain the exchange of information, opinions and your valuable and effective participation in a manner consistent with achieving what the center seeks, Since this trend is consistent with the strategy on which the First Paramedic Center operates, which was defined since the beginning of the establishment of the center, Which we strive to achieve these goals on the ground until reaching the highest levels of medical care on the road and ensuring safety for all…

My sincere wishes to all of you for continued health and wellness, God willing

Regards, Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Toub

Emergency Medicine Consultant

First Aid Executive Director