The First Paramedic Medical Center is proud to keep pace with the health renaissance experienced by our dear country in light of the National Transformation Plan 2020 and the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030, which establishes a partnership between the public and private sectors, and this integration has a positive impact on the quality of health service provision, especially in the field of ambulance transport, which is a major tributary in health services.

We were keen to be proactive in creating distinctive programs in the field of health services and support services by establishing (ambulatory transport service centers), and thanks to God, we obtained the first license in the field of ambulance transport (First Paramedic Medical Center), license number 1400006223 dated 12/05/1441 AH.

As one of the centers affiliated with the Family Medicine Company for Health Investment CT 1010219782

In order to expand the scope of our services, we have developed an expansion plan that includes all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia according to the unified model so that our center (first aider) is distributed according to the geographical scope of the administrative regions. We also make sure that our centers are in a way that meets the needs of customers (individuals), companies, Governmental and private health sectors.

our vision

To take the lead in providing ambulatory services and pre-hospital health care according to the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2020

Our message

To provide the best pre-hospital services to our clients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to improve the results achieved with patients.

Objectives of the First Paramedic Medical Center

  • Providing high quality pre-hospital ambulance transport services to our customers inside the Kingdom by achieving excellence and continuous development through cooperation with our partners in order to provide, Ambulatory care solutions and specialized advice.

  • Holding training courses on first aid and how to deal with emergency situations to ensure continuous medical education.

  • Providing ground, air and sea ambulance services for the benefit of government agencies and events, especially the oil and electricity sector, Mining and gas quarries, factories and companies concerned with the health and safety of their employees.

What distinguishes the first aid center

The First Paramedic Center provides an integrated women’s team to secure ambulance transport to universities, schools, and others

The First Paramedic Center provides emergency services throughout the week, 24/7

The first company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to obtain a license in the field of scheduled ambulance transport

Connecting all devices inside ambulances to the internet to transmit data directly to the control room

Providing a central control room for the first paramedic to drive the ambulance fleetطول

The First Paramedic Center provides medical operation service in hospitals and medical centersمراكز

Specialized cadres of emergency medical services specialists who have all the required licenses

There are many ways for the First Paramedic Center to pay service fees and flexibility in receiving and delivering reports

A special section inside the First Paramedic Center for infection control and limiting its spread

The First Paramedic Center has the capacity to accommodate heavyweight patients and people with special needs

First Aid provides amenities for cases that require long-distance transportation by ambulance

The First Paramedic Center provides an assessment service and the extent of customer satisfaction with the service provided after the end of the trip